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Privacy Policy

1.Personal information we collect

JDS collects personal information in a legitimate manner without resorting to fraud or any other illegal means.


In addition to regular education and training on the security of the personal information of experts for all officers and staff members, JDS implements a range of suitable security measures to prevent the loss, destruction, leakage, unauthorised revision of or unauthorised access to the said information.

3.Disclosure of personal information to third parties

JDS shall not disclose the collected personal information of expert to any third party without the consent of the expert in question except in the following case.

  • Disclosure is necessary to a business contractor or business partner with which a confidentiality agreement has been concluded in advance in order to allow such contractor or partner to perform the required business.
  • Disclosure is requested by the judiciary, public administrative body or equivalent in accordance with a statutory or regulatory provision.

4.Disclosure, correction and other matters relating to personal information

When requested by an expert, JDS shall swiftly disclose his/her own personal information kept by JDS to him/her. When any errors are pointed out by the expert in question, followed by his/her request for correction, addition and/or deletion, JDS shall promptly investigate the relevant facts in response to such request. However, JDS shall not accept such a request when the identity of the person requesting correction, addition and/or deletion cannot be verified.

5.Change of the privacy policy

JDS reserves the right to change its privacy policy. Any new policy following such a change shall become effective from the time when the new policy is uploaded to this Home Page unless stated otherwise by JDS.